Project: Prospect Residence

The Prospect Residence was designed for a gentleman looking to develop a moderately sized home in central Dallas.  The site was located on an interior lot that was 50’ wide by 180’ deep.  There were no existing structures but preserving a large pecan tree near the front of the lot was of the utmost importance.  The homeowner wanted a place that would provide inspiration and that could be adapted for accessibility if necessary as he aged.

The single-story solution assembles large, simple masses and cantilevered planes to create expansive, open spaces within a typical single-family lot.  It was a priority to balance the drama of monumental spaces and forms with the serenity of nature.  Blurring the boundary between interior and exterior, at some perspectives the residence is completely see-through.  From other points of view, forms and objects slowly reveal themselves.  The house itself hides behind a large pecan tree as well as an architectural screen and landscaping.

Incorporating sustainable design strategies was a high priority.  Examples include addressing solar orientation through the careful placement of openings, overhangs, and landscaping; utilizing a highly reflective roof membrane; omitting heat-storing, attic space; detaching the garage to prevent the transmission of potentially harmful fumes and unwanted heat; and incorporating porous walkways to reduce the impact of storm runoff.