10 Under Ten

10 Under Ten


The AIA Dallas Young Architects Forum (YAF) is excited to announce to young architects the YAF Ten Under Ten Portfolio Competition, an opportunity to showcase your built and un-built design work to the Dallas Community at large! Ten individuals will have the opportunity to display their work at the Dallas Center for Architecture, as well as in different venues throughout the Dallas area.

The YAF is committed to the continual education and community awareness of the young architects at small, large and young practices in Dallas, by striving to encourage leadership and professional development while being the voice of young professionals through mentorship programs, strong relationships with the construction industry and offering design and recognition opportunities for its members. A ‘Young Architect’ is considered to be a practicing architect who has been licensed for ten years or less. Prior to becoming a licensed architect, a person is typically an intern with the title of Associate if a member of AIA.

The YAF Ten Under Ten Portfolio Competition has the purpose of bringing awareness and providing recognition to our young architecture practices in Dallas. This is the platform where sole practitioners and small firms all with ten years of experience or less, can be recognized by their peers for their innovative and emerging practices that continue to shape our community.


1. Entrant/ designer(s) must be a registered architect at the time that all projects in portfolio were executed.

2. Entrant/ designer(s) must have 10 years of experience or less at time of submitting portfolio.

3. Entrant/ designer(s) must be within the geographic boundary of AIA Dallas.

4. Entrant/ designer(s) must have the project architect responsibility as well as being involved in the design phase of all projects included in portfolio.


Registration for this competition will be required and available through AIA website If you have questions regarding your registration, you may contact Lorie Hahnl at AIA Dallas. Her Email:; Tel. 214. 742. 3242.

Entry fees (non-refundable):

$25 dollars for AIA members

$35 for non AIA members

It is important that all entrants register by the registration deadline of Friday, April 22, 2011.


Fill out form and submit to Lorie Hahnl at AIA Dallas. Email:
Click Here to download registration form.


1. The portfolio submission must be in the form of ONE compact disc (CD-ROM), in sleeve or case, containing RGB JPEG images on a Power Point format file (8.5”x11” landscape format).

2. The maximum number of slides allowed is 20, with 4 to 5 slides dedicated to each project.

3. At least ONE of the submitted projects must be a built project. Projects anywhere in the world are acceptable. The rest of projects in portfolio can include: architecture (unbuilt), interior design, furniture and accessories, art or graphic.

4. Individual and/or Firm name should not be listed anywhere in photos of JPEG filenames or slides.

5. Please consider text size and legibility when composing slides.

6. A series of narratives are to be submitted and must not exceed 200 words (for each project included in portfolio). Each narrative should describe the basic design requirements and concepts, as well as the role the individual played in each one of the projects. Individual and/or Firm name should not be listed anywhere in narrative.  Include narratives on CD as a Word document with the title “Projects Narratives”.doc

7. An additional narrative not to exceed 400 words needs to be submitted on the motivations, challenges and experience on starting your own practice. Include narrative on CD as a separate Word document with the title “On My/Our Own”.doc

8. If entrant/designer(s) had a supervisor while designing any of the projects submitted, though you may now be on your own you must have your former supervisor or representative of that firm authorize that you enter such project as part of your portfolio submission.

9. Portfolio must recognize all firms and individuals (other than the entrant) involved in the design process. Include this information in the registration form only.


- Tuesday, March 15 - Registration starts.

- Friday, April 22 – Registration Deadline.

- Friday, April 22 – Portfolio Submission Deadline. The CD with the entrant’s portfolio should be sent to the Dallas Center for Architecture, to the attention of Lorie Hahnl at 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, suite 100 Dallas, TX 75201. Submissions should be received at the Center no later than 5pm. Submissions that are received after this time will not be considered.

- Monday, April 25 – Judging

- Tuesday, April 26 – Winners announced. A total of ten individuals will be selected to display a maximum of two (2) projects from their submitted portfolio and become part of the AIA Dallas YAF Ten Under Ten Exhibition. Once notified each winner will be responsible for submitting high resolution images of the projects selected from their portfolio (300 dpi minimum). Images should include but are not limited to photos, plans, elevations, sections, or perspective images necessary to convey the design and basic project understanding. Projects should have brief narrative description defining the following (please submit along with high resolution files):

Client Name or Project Name; Project location; Type of Project (example: residence, corporate office, retail space, health care facility…); Sq Ft; Project team members/Firm or Company Name (if applicable); Your role (contestant responsibility); Project Description – same text that was submitted for portfolio regarding each particular project.

- Friday, May13 – Mounting of exhibit.

- May 17 - Exhibition Opening Reception at the Dallas Center for Architecture.

- May 17 thru June 28 – Ten Under Ten Exhibition at the Dallas Center for Architecture.

- June 2nd –Ten Under Ten Discussion Panel. Based on “On Your Own” narrative, two out of the ten winners will be selected to participate in a discussion panel and share their experience and present their work.

The final judging panel will be comprised of representatives from the AIA Dallas YAF Committee along with members of the AIA Dallas College of Fellows and an external juror.

The jury includes:

Max Levy, FAIA
Donna Kacmar, FAIA
Joshua Nimmo, AIA

The jury members will decide and determine which projects should be part of the exhibit.  Design and Judging criteria will be defined by the Jury and will be published prior to the submission deadline.


The Ten Under Ten winners work will be displayed at the Dallas Center for Architecture, The Art Institute of Dallas, UT Arlington School of Architecture and during the TSA Convention to be held this October here in Dallas, Texas. Exhibition curators include:

Dan Shipley, FAIA
Ron Wommack, FAIA
Jan Blackmon, FAIA
Greg Brown, DCFA Program Director


- Submittal of portfolio will constitute acceptance of competition rules of design ownership.

- All portfolios submitted remain the property of YAF AIA Dallas. YAF reserves the right to utilize this material for exhibition and publication.

- Posters submitted will remain the property of YAF AIA Dallas for the duration of the Ten Under Ten Exhibition at the Dallas Center for Architecture, as well as for the duration of any other travelling exhibition. Winners will be notified once all exhibitions are completed and posters will be returned at that time.


Registration information and competition updates can be found at, and through the AIA Dallas website

To register and receive your anonymous ID number, fill out the following registration form and email it to:

For final submissions and questions please contact Lorie Hahnl. Email:; tel.: (214) 742-3242.