/ barnaby




barnaby’s front porch and gate:

bonderized metal panels / ipe gate / hybrid facade of corrugated metal and ipe wood


Diane Cheatham commissioned NIMMO to develop a two designs, Barnaby and Little Joe, for Urban Reserve; an incubator for progressive residential architecture located in Dallas, Texas. While at first glance Barnaby might resemble forms found throughout rural farmland, it was actually a local Dallas auto shop that triggered the floating gable concept of this home. Barnaby was one of the first residences in the neighborhood to put focus on the idea of a covered front porch; encouraging an engagement of the home to the neighborhood.


local auto shop served as inspiration for Barnaby’s floating roof


a wedged shape clerestory brings additional light into pantry and kitchen area


shade controls southern sun


little joe


little joe’s side yard looking west to woodlands


view from guest suite to study niche


The second design, Little Joe, seemed to begin to take on the energy of a locomotive in motion. Quickly, the project was named after an early 20th century train; Little Joe. With long horizontal rythms of glass, the home connects each of its spaces to its southern side yard. The side yard in tandem connects to the neighborhood to the east and woodlands to the west. Ironically, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) rail line sits a just a little further west. Subtle whistles of these vehicles can be heard throughout the day carrying passengers to and from downtown Dallas.


little joe in the snow