auberty ranch


auberty ranch:  studio and residence
glen rose, texas

Developed by a local artist to be a studio, residence, and retreat for artists; Auberty Ranch aspires to provide a place of inspiration and reflection for family and guests.  The celebration of life and its experiences is a key theme of the project.

The artists are fortunate to be surrounded by nature and numerous wildlife species.  These native residents are a vital component of the Auberty Ranch experience.

Rooted in the vernacular, the design incorporated building techniques familiar to the local craftsman and materials of the region.  The integration of numerous sustainable strategies was of the utmost importance.  Water reclamation, recycled/recyclable materials, porous site materials, and natural ventilation were some of the methods used.  Solar orientation was carefully considered.



Top left: View from quarry. Stone collected from quarry used for stone walls throughout. Quarry used for water reclamation.

Top right: Wireframe view. Left to right showing main living quarters, covered breezeway, studio, fire pit, and guest quarters.

Middle left: Wireframe view section showing exposed trusses, movable gallery walls, and sunscreen to control southern summer sun.

Middle right: Floorplan, elevations and photos from site.


Above from left to right:

1. Sliding weathered steel doors.
2. Texture of weathered steel.
3. Bath and shower area open up to outdoor shower and courtyard.
4. View from bath to pasture.